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Written by thefalcon2k on 2/24/2020 at 9:16pm in Announcements

Hey guys, my name is Joe Rider.  I am the owner of Team Falcon (the network that created this theme), and the co-owner of The Xbox Universe for the last 10 years.  We are very excited about the revival of our website that Team Falcon & The Xbox Universe are working together to show you just how safe you are.  We want to take a different approach at things, rather than jumping out of the gate and pouring more on our plates than we can handle.  That was our biggest hugest downfall with The Xbox Universe last time.  Today, we are introducing Privacy & Cookie Policies for your viewing pleasure to show you directly how safe you are on your preferred website viewing device (be it your computer, your mobile phone … possibly your Xbox console).

These policies were also posted to comply with EU privacy laws.  You may opt out of the “non-necessary” cookies by clicking the Privacy & Cookie Policy link on the bottom of the page.  Necessary cookies are always enabled, and are handled with the most professional manner possible.  We promise you, we do not have access to your computer, your phone, or whatever you’re viewing this website on.

If you have questions or you need clarification, please feel free to send me a private message, or you are welcome to e-mail me personally.  Thank you.

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Written by thefalcon2k on 2/16/2020 at 2:03am in Announcements

Well, here we are!  We’re kinda empty at the moment, but like any great website, it takes time to build up to that point.  As you can imagine, this entire design is brand new for you guys, but for me?  I built this 2 years ago, and I have been using it with my own personal blog among other things.  I wanted to take a moment and basically re-introduce myself to you guys and welcome you to a revival of the journey nobody ever wanted to leave.  Unfortunately, some issues beyond our control kept us from continuing. But, that’s all in the past where it stays, and we’re looking forward to where we are in 2020 and beyond!  A lot of the stuff we used to do will return in due time, with the keyword being “time”.  Nothing will be completed on day one.

One thing you’re gonna see that’s new is advertising.  We know it sucks, but without it, we will have some difficulty paying bills … like the one that keeps our website online.  Not to worry, though.  Aside from the ad views that generate money to help us, you can just get rid of those pesky ads for a very small price.  Just $2 per month gets rid of those ads.  Or, you can pay by the year, and save a little bit of money if you want to!  $20 a year helps more than you know, and as a thank you from us, you save $4 compared to our monthly plan.  Another thing we might do is exclusive stories to add incentive.

There’s a lot planned for TXU 2.0, so be sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter to get even more updates!

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