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Written by thefalcon2k on 3/20/2020 at 12:33am in Announcements

Here at The Xbox Universe, we’re always looking to try new things to make your user experience one of the best.  Since partnering with Team Falcon, we have already seen a brand new design pushed out that makes everything so much better, and the team behind the design has been hard at work at making even more improvements to make your visit even more fun!  Over the next week or so, you will be seeing some changes (some big, some small).  Some of these changes include:

  • Dark Mode
    We’re happy to announce that The Xbox Universe will have a Dark Mode theme available for your web browser!  Please keep in mind that this feature will not work on a mobile browser (more information below).
  • TXU Achievements
    The Xbox Universe is a gaming site specific to Xbox, but we’re not affiliated with Microsoft.  And, when you complete certain tasks in Xbox games, what happens?  You get an achievement!  And, here at TXU, that will be no different.  Soon, you will earn achievements for doing simple things like signing up for a new account, logging in and even commenting on our posts!  More to come on this feature soon.
  • Updated Tabs
    Team Falcon has been working hard at finding a new way to make website navigation easier to program, and they had recently hit the jackpot!  The tabs are virtually the same, but there are a couple visual differences that we’d like to share.  The first one is that certain tabs (not all) will have bonus menus when you hover over them with your mouse!  The other difference is that the edges are more rounded rather than a straight edge.
  • TXU Mobile
    Are you on a mobile browser?  Is it hard to read some of the site?  Trust me, that’s been a problem for 2 years that I (personally) haven’t been able to fix until now.  The Xbox Universe will (soon) have its own exclusive mobile website and you will be able to do all of the basic things.  How basic?  Well, just reading our stories and commenting on them.  The best experience for TXU will always be on your computer (or your Xbox One console with Microsoft Edge).
  • Follow Us
    It’s going to be even easier to follow us on social media real soon!
  • Help Menu
    To eliminate the need for contacting the TXU staff constantly for issues, we’re working on a special Help page to (hopefully) get your questions answered in a more timely manner.

While The Xbox Universe is still new this time around, Team Falcon has (again) been working hard at making the user experience better.  Please feel free to send feedback as a comment here, or contacting us on TXU Social!

The Xbox Universe is NOT affiliated with Microsoft in any way, shape or form.
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