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Written by thefalcon2k on 6/12/2020 at 6:36pm in Xbox One X

With the Coronavirus stuff still going on and having a major impact on today’s economy, Sony had their PlayStation 5 reveal yesterday, and early reviews of the console’s design aren’t looking good at all.  This morning, Sony announced that you can now pre-order your PlayStation 5 console … for $699 (USD).  From a personal perspective, that’s a super high price for a game console that you’re most likely paying for the SSD drive technology than anything else.  But, hey … this isn’t about the PlayStation 5.

On one hand, that worries me, because Xbox has its own SSD, plus it will have removable “memory card like” devices that are also SSD based, and Xbox Series X could have relatively similar pricing.  But at the same time, I’ve seen somewhere (I can’t remember where right now) that the Xbox Series X will be cheaper by at least $100.  This is much similar to the PS4 vs. Xbox One release in 2013 where the PS4 was $100 less.

Please be advised that as of this writing, there is no guarantee on a price for the Xbox Series X at this point, and it’s unlikely that we’ll have an answer in July.  Also, there is still a distinct possibility of a second “all-digital” console (or a “Series S” console*) that will be revealed at the same time (if not later).  There are no details on any of that right now, but that also may be due to Project xCloud which will also be available on Xbox One.

Project xCloud is Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming service which will allow gaming to be possible on other devices like your mobile phone or Windows 10 PC.  This might also explain why Microsoft’s Console Companion app for Windows 10 is also being discontinued at a later date to be replaced by the new Xbox app.

The Xbox One X was released 1 year after the One S model.  As you may remember, the “One X” handles 4K UHD gaming where the “One S” only supports HDR gaming, however both consoles support 4K video streaming (like Netflix, for example) and 4K blu-ray movies.  So, even though there’s roughly 5 months before the release of the Xbox Series X, anything can happen.  Be sure to keep checking back with The Xbox Universe with further developments!

Here’s The Latest Permalink | No Comments 
Written by thefalcon2k on 6/6/2020 at 1:26pm in Announcements

In the last 3 days, TXU has been working hard with all of our new features.  We’re not done, but we’ve gotten a good chunk of stuff!  So far, @admin and I are really liking our new social network that we created, too!  The other things that we’ve done include:

  • Dark Mode “2.0”
    This was an internal project with Team Falcon, but it worked out so well that it has expanded over to TXU!  As a personal fan of Dark Mode, I’m excited to see it looking so flawless!
  • Cosmetic Updates
    The rounded edges on the navigation menu up top have expanded down to the side navigation as well as the story boxes.  We plan to do more with it at a later date.

While the list is small, a lot of the work that went into the social network was done behind the scenes.  We hope you like these new changes!

Keeping Our Promise Permalink | 1 Comment 
Written by thefalcon2k on 6/4/2020 at 5:51pm in Announcements

OK, guys. Slight change in plans.  Since TXU has been down, Team Falcon’s theme production did not stop. There are tons of new features that will be coming very soon, some of them we outlined a few months ago! Once we get our new social network perfected, we will be installing some new features, including a better version of Dark Mode than originally planned.  The theme will also be fixed up so it looks even smoother than before!  We’re very excited here, and we hope you enjoy some of these new changes once things start rolling out!

Social Network & Forums Update Permalink | No Comments 
Written by thefalcon2k on 6/4/2020 at 12:35pm in Announcements

First and foremost, I’m happy to say we are back online, and we’ve missed you guys (again).  Here at The Xbox Universe, we strive to create the best social networking experience for you guys.  From sharing stuff between users to private messaging and even forums.  As the owner of Team Falcon (our site’s network provider), I had given TXU’s founder explicit creative freedom with this site, and some most of his ideas have been amazing!  His latest idea involves a fully revamped social network that has (possibly) the best social experience I’ve seen so far.

As you go through the site from this point, you’ll see some new social networking options, and while we are aware of some cosmetic issues, it will take a few days to iron everything out.  Little by little, we will finally have the site exactly where we want it.  As the owner of Team Falcon, I am thankful for Major Iris and his very creative ideas.  In fact, some of his ideas have been implemented elsewhere on the Team Falcon network!

Speaking of Team Falcon, we have our own enhancements going on at our site as well, and they will be implemented into The Xbox Universe very soon.

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