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Written by thefalcon2k on 6/4/2020 at 12:35pm in Announcements

First and foremost, I’m happy to say we are back online, and we’ve missed you guys (again).  Here at The Xbox Universe, we strive to create the best social networking experience for you guys.  From sharing stuff between users to private messaging and even forums.  As the owner of Team Falcon (our site’s network provider), I had given TXU’s founder explicit creative freedom with this site, and some most of his ideas have been amazing!  His latest idea involves a fully revamped social network that has (possibly) the best social experience I’ve seen so far.

As you go through the site from this point, you’ll see some new social networking options, and while we are aware of some cosmetic issues, it will take a few days to iron everything out.  Little by little, we will finally have the site exactly where we want it.  As the owner of Team Falcon, I am thankful for Major Iris and his very creative ideas.  In fact, some of his ideas have been implemented elsewhere on the Team Falcon network!

Speaking of Team Falcon, we have our own enhancements going on at our site as well, and they will be implemented into The Xbox Universe very soon.

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