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Written by thefalcon2k on 6/6/2020 at 1:26pm in Announcements

In the last 3 days, TXU has been working hard with all of our new features.  We’re not done, but we’ve gotten a good chunk of stuff!  So far, @admin and I are really liking our new social network that we created, too!  The other things that we’ve done include:

  • Dark Mode “2.0”
    This was an internal project with Team Falcon, but it worked out so well that it has expanded over to TXU!  As a personal fan of Dark Mode, I’m excited to see it looking so flawless!
  • Cosmetic Updates
    The rounded edges on the navigation menu up top have expanded down to the side navigation as well as the story boxes.  We plan to do more with it at a later date.

While the list is small, a lot of the work that went into the social network was done behind the scenes.  We hope you like these new changes!

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